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A Total Value Of Over $28,960

But You Can Get Started For As Little As $695...

100X Is A 12-Month Membership to The #1 Community and Training Program For people who want to glorify God & Prosper in their Kingdom Assignment

  • 12 Months of Community & Connection with other Kingdom Entrepreneurs from around the world [Value: $28,960]
  • Weekly LIVE "Real Talk Mondays" with Pedro Adao [Value: $2,995]
  • Hearing From God Prophetic Training Once a Month with Keith Ferrante [Value: $995]
  • ​Monthly  Inner Healing Group Sessions [Value: $995]
  • Monthly Entrepreneurship Training with Marketing Experts in Our Network
    [Value: $995]
  • Prospering Through Your Finances As A Kingdom Entrepreneur Once a Month with Ramie Khalil [Value: $995]
  • Online Training Portal with 40+ Lessons including training on Facebook Ads, Funnels, and selling as Kingdom Entrepreneur [Value $9,995]
  • ​Daily 100X Prayer Calls (priceless)
  • Family Rooms Small Accountability Groups (priceless)
  • 2 Free Tickets to Our 100X Conferences [Value: $695]
  • ​Affiliate Opportunities
  • ​And So Much More...

And Unlike Other Entrepreneurship Programs, We Believe in Marriage, 2 Become 1 So...

Spouses Get In FREE! 🤯

Many Have Paid $2,995 To Join 100X
But You Can Get Started Today for As Little As 
6 Installments $695... 

A Total Value Of Over $28,960

For A One-Time Investment Of ONLY $995

Learn the Latest in Business & Marketing Trends

Here are some of the lessons you'll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS
to once you enroll in 100X:
  • 3 Part Series on Selling as a Kingdom Entrepreneur with Pedro Adao [Value $1995]
  • Deeper Dive into Facebook Ads with Stephen Diaz [Value $995]
  • Kingdom Copywriting with Pedro Adao [Value $995]
  • ​How to Build a Challenge & Application Funnel with Pedro Adao [Value $1995]
  • The Power of Positioning with Jason Fladlien [Value $995]
  • Step-by-Step Launch Your Podcast Series by our Podcast Team Member Cassidyy Atkins [Value $1995]
  • ​And So Much More! 



(and we have hundreds more of testimonials like this...)

Now it's YOUR TURN to PROSPER while making massive KINGDOM Impact in 2022 and Beyond...

If you’re like most Kingdom Entrepreneurs right now, you may be:

  • Looking for a Community that shares the same Kingdom principles & values
  • Tired of purchasing courses, books, PDFs, and other things that aren't helping you move forward
  • ​Over the feeling & mindset that business and Kingdom has to stay seperate
  • ​Wanting to Accelerate your idea into a profitable stream of income

You’re not the only one experiencing this...

That's why we created 100X

100X has everything you need to prosper as a Kingdom Entrepreneur in one place...

Real Talk Monday with Pedro Adao

1 Hour Live Zoom Training Sessions on all things Kingdom Entrepreneurship with Pedro Adao, Holli Peel, & 100X Members [Value $2,995]

 Online 100X Training Portal

Access 20+ Trainings on Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Prophetic Trainings, and More through our Online Learning Portal [Value $9,995]

 Entrepreneurship & Marketing Focused Training

Join Pedro Adao, Holli Peel, Stephen Diaz, or other Special Guests as they show you the latest Marketing Trends and how to approach it as a Kingdom Entrepreneur [Value $2995]

 Prospering Through Your Finances As A Kingdom Entrepreneur with Ramie Khalil

Build Your Wealth and Understand Your Finances the Kingdom Way with the guidance of Pedro's first protégé, Ramie Khalil [Value $2995]

 2 VIP Tickets to the 100X Conference

Join us for the #1 Kingdom Entrepreneur Event held twice a year [Value $695]

 Hearing From God Prophetic Training with Keith Ferrante & Friends

Be encouraged and learn how to hear God through Keith Ferrante's training on understanding & implementing the prophetic into your lifestyle [Value $2995]

 Monthly Group F.I.T. Inner Healing Calls

Our Inner Healing Team "FIT: Freedom in Truth" hosts transformational monthly group inner sessions that allow you to find healing within community  [Value $2995]

 Prayer Zooms & Family Rooms

Join our 100X Prayer Team via Zoom as they pray over the community, 100X staff, finances, and more. We also have small "Family Rooms" lead by 100X Certified Coaches to help you stay connected, have accountability and support in your entrepreneurial journey [Value $2995]

*NEW* NextGen Kids Watch FREE

Weekly Content Specifically to Help Equip The Next Generation of Kingdom Entrepreneurs - Summer 2022 [priceless]

 And So Much More...

Affiliate Opportunities, Early Access to Challenges & Promotions, Random Generosity, and more!

And Unlike Other Entrepreneurship Programs, 
We Believe in Marriage, 2 Become 1 So...

Spouses Get In FREE! 🤯

An Additional Value of $28,960 FREE

A Total Value Of Over $28,960 + $8,470 in BONUSES

Many Have Paid $2,995 To Join 100X But You Can Get Started Today for As Little As 
3 Installments $395... 

A Total Value of $37,430 For A One-Time Investment Of ONLY $995

Meet The Founder

  • 8-Figure Kingdom Entrepreneur 
    From $0 sales online in 2018 scaled to over $10M a year in sales in 2020 in just his second full year in business
  • Founder Of The 100X Academy: The #1 Community and Training Program For Kingdom Entrepreneurs
  • ​The #1 Go To Industry Expert On Challenges & Creator of Crush It With Challenges
  • ​7-Time ClickFunnels Two-Comma Club Award Winner and Of The Two-Comma Club X 10 Million Dollar Award Winner

See why so many elite level Kingdom Entrepreneurs & marketers Trust Pedro...

John C. Maxwell

"I absolutely love What Pedro Is doing...and thoroughly enjoy every time we are together. We really should go on tour"

Les Brown

" Pedro is incredible. It's been an honor to work alongside of him". 

I reached out to him to become my marketing mentor and to help secure my legacy as a motivator, speaker, and teacher."

Graham Cooke

"I love Pedro's perspective on Kingdom Entrepreneurship. He has been such a blessing to our ministry and the people we serve"

Kris V

"I have been all over the world and have never seen anything like 100X 

Shawn Bolz

"Pedro Loves Helping People Succeed and Thrive and has a high level entrepreneurial and prophetic calling"

Lana Vawser

"I absolutely love what Pedro is doing with 100X and Kingdom Entrepreneurship"

Lisa Bevere

"Pedro has been SO GOOD with helping us get the word out about our app. We are grateful to know him."

Michael Dalton

"God has used Pedro. He is breaking the box that we have lived in for so many years about business, Kingdom, and how we reach the world. I am honored to be his friend."

Jennifer Allwood

"It’s such an honor to see what Pedro has built and be part of it. He shows up and pivots where the Lord leads, and I have not only seen it serve him well, but also the community he serves."

Dean Graziosi

"Pedro has taken online challenges to a whole new level in the modern era...We just did what Pedro told us to do and we Crushed It"

Russell Brunson

"It's absolutely incredible what Pedro has been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time...Pedro has shifted the entire online marketing industry"

Daymond John

"Pedro is an elite marketer...He has helped tens of thousands of my fans...and when we wanted to run a challenge of course he was the obvious choice to help us"

Bari Baumgardner

"I get to work with some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs and speakers in the world...and Pedro Adao is undoubtedly one of them.  

Lewis Howes

"I had heard of challenges & thought they were overdone until I saw Pedro doing it for Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi. I'm always looking for ways to optimize what we do and Pedro's challenge framework was the way to do it."

Tresa Todd

"I got to be in the room in Nashville when Pedro shot his first version of Crush it With Challenges. I implemented what I learned in that workshop and have gone on to do 12, Million Dollar Challenges. We did over $15M in revenue last year on the back of Pedro's challenge model and coaching"


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


I Made All The Mistakes On My Journey Into Prosperity As A Kingdom Entrepreneur So You Don't Have To.

If You Want The Fast-Track To Unlocking Financial Abundance and Prosperity as A Kingdom Entrepreneur...

All While Being Part Of The Most Incredible Family Of Like-Minded People From All Over The World...


Weekly trainings

Real Talk Mondays, Prophetic Intercession, Inner Healing, Finance & More

  • Every Monday we have "Real Talk" with Pedro & Holli Peel. Our session includes a small breakout where you can connect with others in the community. Family Rooms also discuss the Real Talk Monday topic each week. 
  • ​Learn from Our Leaders like Keith Ferrante, Stephen Diaz, Ramie Khalil, and more We have weekly trainings where you'll learn about the prophetic, finances, and have an opportunity to ask live Q&A to help get unstuck
  • Monthly group Inner Healing Sessions (from our FIT team : Freedom in Truth)

Value $2,995

100X Training portal

Over 30+ Trainings for You to Access

  • ​​On this site, you have access to the Number One Training Website for Kingdom Entrepreneurs. This site offers courses for every level of entrepreneurship and breaks down Pedro’s Six Stake Framework piece by piece
  • New Trainings & Recordings from the 100X Facebook Group are uploaded often

Value $2,995


Engage with Others In the Community

  • ​​This is an amazing opportunity for our members to connect on a more personal level with folks who are possibly living in the same area or focused on the same goals in their business or relationships
  • ​Led by a 100X Certified Coach
  • ​Weekly Family Room Sessions focus on 90 day goals within 30 day increments

Value $2,995

PLUS! These Special Bonuses...

2 Tickets to the 100X Conference

Join us for the #1 Kingdom Entrepreneur Event hosted every 6 months

Value $995


#1 problem of early-stage entrepreneurs is not niching down. Discover the power of micro-niching and clearly define your ideal audience so you can become #1 in your niche.

Value $995

NextGen Kids 

Weekly Content Specifically to Help Equip the Next Generation of Kingdom Entrepreneurs


100% Money Back 30-Day Guarantee

This program is not a lottery ticket... this only works if you put in the work and engage with the community.

I believe this is without a doubt the best Kingdom training you can get your hands on.

However, if for any reason at all, if you aren't satisfied with our program... you have a full 30 days, to email us and receive a 100% Money Back no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

 I'm not an "entrepreneur". Is 100X for me? 

YES! Many of our members don't have their own business. This is for anyone who seeks to gain wisdom, be in community, and learn how to grow in their Kingdom Impact & Assignment.

 Where do the trainings take place?

100X has a Facebook Group  and an app where you can go live & engage with others. For our weekly calls, we do have a Zoom link you'll receive via email & inside the Facebook Events. We also stream the trainings live into Facebook where you can catch the replay at a later time if need be.

 What if I can't be at most of the sessions live?

Not a problem! We will keep the replays in the Facebook Group so you can catch up on the trainings!

 What if I don't have a spouse? Can my business partner join? 

YES! If you have legal paperwork showing you have a business partner, please talk with , show the documents, and we can get them added in !

 I REALLY want to do this, but I can't do $995 at this there another option?

YES! We'd love for you to be part of this. The other option we have a 3 pay of $395 which you can find on the checkout page.



Results displayed may not be typical. Background, education, and effort affect experience. Results may vary.
Results displayed may not be typical. Background, education, and effort affect experience. Results may vary.
Results displayed may not be typical. Background, education, and effort affect experience. Results may vary.

Looking For More Proof?

Check Out More Of Our Challenge Design Case Studies from the 100X Community!

Results displayed may not be typical. Background, education, and effort affect experience. Results may vary.

Stephen & Chelsey Diaz

Stephen & Chelsey got a short lived glimpse of success early on and tried to scale without the foundation they needed...

This caused them to fall back to where they started after blowing the money they had made trying and failing different marketing tactics.

Once they met Pedro and started using his proven challenge model, they finally began to see consistent results.

Fast forward to today, Stephen and Chelsey have helped thousands of Mom's create passive income online and have successfully run three 7-Figure Challenges...

Resulting in over $3,600,000 in revenue using Pedro's challenge model.

Desirae King

Desirae is a single mother of 3 that started with no product, no list, and no ads.

Using Challenge she has helped people over 600 people move from hurt to healing.

After her first challenge, she brought in $3,000. She launched again and earned another $20,000.

Dr. Janet Roark

Janet was first introduced to Challenges by Pedro after going through his model...

Even though she saw the effectiveness of challenges she was still UNSURE that it was the right strategy for her.

She was not a digital marketer or online coach, she is a veterinarian

Even though she was skeptical about her idea of helping owners improve their dogs health in 7-days  she decided to take the bet on herself anyways.

After learning how to invite people into her challenge, run her challenge, and monetize from her challenge using Pedro's model she was able to get 200 registrants involved and generated over 6-Figures with her most recent challenge.

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Results displayed may not be typical. Background, education, and effort affect experience.
Results may vary.

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